System Analyst
Position System Analyst ( Full Time )
Posted Date 08/14/2012
Location Livonia, MI
Travel Willing to Travel to various Client Locations.
Job Description Manage/Admnister multi-site large scale enterprise Linux/Unix Operating system and high availability cluster configurations. Plan, Implement patching various Operating systems. Manage and configure DNS, NIS, NFS, X11R6, VLSI, CIFS, RFC and LDAP. Responsible for visualize the physical systems to reduce the data center costs. Perform technical support, troubleshooting and complex problem resolving on escalated issues while monitoring and maintaining application environment stability. Produce clear and documents and block diagrams capturing data flow and logical path topology using MS Visio, MS project and MS Excel. Perform technical analysis of IT infrastructure and application to support remote replication. Primary worksite is Livonia, MI, but may work in other locations as assigned.
Qualifications Required MS degree in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering. Must complete graduate course Lower Power VLSI Design.
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