The Virtualization Journey Leads to Your Cloud

To speed this transformation, Digital Terrain delivers a new cloud stack consisting of three core layers: Cloud Infrastructure and Management, Cloud Application Platform and End-User Computing This new stack helps enterprises to:

  • Build intelligent virtual infrastructure that preserves and extends their existing investments in applications and infrastructure.
  • Modernize today’s applications and build robust, cloud-ready applications for the future.
  • Deliver end-user freedom, yet allow IT to maintain control.

Together, these solutions maximize IT efficiency and agility, while enhancing service availability, security and control.

Digital Terrain is also committed to supporting an open ecosystem: customers have a choice of infrastructure hardware, operating systems, cloud service providers and an open platform that provides application portability. With its commitment to open source development and open standards, Digital Terrain ensures customer flexibility and freedom of choice.

Cloud Infrastructure & Management Solutions

Cloud infrastructure and management solutions deliver intelligent virtual infrastructure to increase IT agility and reduce costs and risk, while preserving existing investments. An intelligent virtual infrastructure is designed to optimize business critical workloads across both private and enabled public clouds, is highly adaptive, and has built-in intelligence to sense and respond to changing needs. It provides consistent security, management, and service quality regardless of where IT workloads run.

Solutions by Company Size

Run Your Business on a Dynamic Virtual Infrastructure
From running multiple operating systems on a single computer to building out an elastic and self-healing datacenter, VMware virtualization can help you improve IT agility while reducing operating costs.

Improve IT Agility and Reduce Operating Costs


Don't limit yourself to one operating system per computer. Run multiple operating systems on the same computer at the same time. You can test and evaluate software patches and upgrades without risk, rollback to previous snapshots, and run multiple versions of the same program without conflict.

Small and Midsize Business

Optimize the utilization of your IT assets to minimize both capital and operating expenses through virtualization. Protect your business-critical systems and data while improving the effectiveness of your IT staff.


Respond to market dynamics faster after upgrading to a VMware virtual infrastructure. Deliver on-demand and self-serve capacity and resources while retaining security and improving the robustness of your datacenter.