With the growth of IT as a strategic business function, many businesses find themselves facing server sprawl across their infrastructure. Most of these servers are under 15% utilized, meaning IT organizations are investing large sums of money in assets they barely use.

Meanwhile, IT departments need to power, cool, house, and manage all these servers, as well as physically house them. Finally, much of IT's time is spent on maintenance–at a cost of eight times that of the server itself–handcuffing technical talent rather than reallocating them to strategic initiatives.

The answer? Virtualize. By consolidating servers, automating processes and simplifying infrastructure management, an IT organization can benefit from substantial up-front and ongoing savings.

Virtualization solutions can help an enterprise increase their IT infrastructure resource utilization through decreased complexity and management. These solutions can also enable the roll-out of new applications with less risk and lower platform costs.

Server consolidation alone can create significant savings by eliminating the need to buy additional server hardware, as well as costly add-ons such as storage area network connections and air conditioning units. Server consolidation also has a powerful positive impact on electricity costs, while minimizing the data center space needed to house the servers. That's good news for any enterprise with a serious "Green IT" initiative.

Top 8 benefits of Digital Terrain virtualization solutions

  1. Reduces hardware and operating costs.
  2. Increases utilization of existing hardware.
  3. Reduces energy costs.
  4. Reduces the time it takes to provision new servers.
  5. Enables the management of virtual machines from a central location.
  6. Delivers rich, personalized virtual desktops to any device with all the benefits of centralized management.
  7. Helps avoid planned downtime with live migration of virtual machines.
  8. Eliminates many repetitive configuration and maintenance tasks