Whether you want to become certified, improve your virtualization skills or prepare your team for a VMware implementation, Here’s why:

Training by the people experts in virtualization
Nobody knows Virtualization softwares better than those that live and breathe it everyday. Our course content incorporates real-world scenarios and best practices gathered by our professional services, product management, and engineering team. Come learn from the people that build the products.

The only way to earn Virtualization certification and the industry-recognition that comes with it, is to attend Digital Terrain Training.

Skilled Experts
Through a rigorous certification program, Digital Terrain ensures that our instructors possess in-depth technical knowledge about our solutions and have the professional experience to inspire and guide our students.

Proven training methodologies
Digital Terrain courses are designed and delivered using real-world scenarios to build both skills and confidence. We utilize blended learning that combines eLearning methods with personal instructor-led training — at Digital Training Center or your own facilities.

Whether in a group setting or a private class, online or in person, Digital Terrain Training is available via multiple methods to best fit your business needs.