System Analyst
Position Software Developer (Linux based application developer)
Posted Date 02/22/2019
Location Farmington, MI / San Diego, CA
Travel Willing to Travel to various Client Locations across USA.
Job Description Developing software applications on an embedded Linux platforms. Cross-compiling applications and building production-ready firmware packages. Developing and maintaining application layer code for network communications, storage devices, and peripherals. Performing Python programming and shell scripting Applying theories from computer science or closely related field to design Linux applications. Working with embedded toolchains, cross-compilation and build tools. Analyzing requirements and developing Linux applications. Working with a data team to analyze and design databases for Linux applications. Developing and deploying using Linux or UNIX systems and applications. Administering the manufacturer's systems and work with a variety of programming and scripting languages. Writing new code and improving existing code so that their web applications work properly Working closely with the system testers to spot any bugs in the programming code and fix any resulting problems.
Qualifications Required BS degree in Computer Science or directly related field
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