Senior Software Engineer
Position Senior Software Engineer
Posted Date 01/20/2019
Job Description Create, install, patch and decommission of components that are essential to an enterprise and find solutions that best scrutinize its' security, functionality and availability at all times. Development of programs and tools that aid to embellishment of products and services that the corporation provides also falls under that spectrum. Develop environment's ESXi hosts and managing host clusters by configuring network and storage components; Provision Linux or windows hosts, to hand those over to DBAs or the middleware team and providing support which includes resource related issues. Install applications on servers and provide support to the Operations and Functional testing teams. Provide systems administration and customer support work to support Company IT architecture and business needs. Plan and coordinate the installation, testing, operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance of hardware and software on servers and desktop systems. Accept BS+5yr exp as MS. Primary worksite is Farmington MI, but relocation is possible.
Qualifications Required Master degree in Computer Science or Computer Systems Engineering with 6 months experience as System Administrator. Related exp must include using developing environment's ESXi hosts.
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