System Analyst
Position System Administrator ( Full Time )
Posted Date 10/27/2016
Location Livonia, MI
Travel Primary worksite is Livonia, MI, but relocation is possible.
Job Description Administer system storage from EMC, Hitachi and NetApp Storage solutions through CLI. Deploy Virtual Machines with Windows OS or RedHat Linux Enterprise OS on vCenter Cluster. Create, change and user account as required on VDI Cluster. Configure and provision compute resources on Cisco UCS and HP C7000 hardware. Involve system modeling using Catia. Backup and restore business-critical data with integrated VNX Mirror-view, VMAX SRDF, NetApp snapmirror, and Hitachi True Copy/Universal Replicator technologies.
Qualifications Required Master degree in Computer Science or Information Technology with 6 months experience as System Administrator or Engineer. Related exp must include system modelingusing Catia.
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